Our Facility and Operations

Triple Metal operates in a large, modern plant located in Toronto, Ontario. Our building and equipment is company-owned. Production operates in two shifts per day to minimize lead times for our customers. The plant houses a wide variety of production equipment to enable us to choose the most cost-effective manufacturing method for our customer requirements.


We pride ourselves in having the most secure facility within our industry. All points of entry are equipped with biometric fingerprint readers, for restricted access. Digital security cameras record and store video footage of the interior and exterior areas of our building at all times. We are an ideal supplier for companies with ITAR and Controlled Goods requirements.

Plant Environment

Triple Metal Products recently installed a unique plant-process air ventilation system. The system provides 4 fresh air changes per hour to TMP’s production staff, filtering both the input and output air for impurities. During the summer months TMP’s plant is air conditioned. This enables continuous worker productivity while maintaining an ideal operating temperature for the production equipment, and controlling humidity to ensure ferrous material integrity.

The air ventilation system was designed for maximum energy efficiency; the computerized controlled quad damper system with heat pumps recaptures conditioned air for both heating and cooling, requiring 25% of the standard tonnage for cooling. This significantly lowers TMP’s operating costs during all seasons.