Customer Showcase

Laser Image Survey Equipment

This equipment is mounted on the belly of an aircraft or on a tripod. It is used for aerial or ground surveys. Triple Metal manufactures both the housing, and handle. The housing is manufactured as a formed, welded, riveted, and machined assembly.

Hydrogen Fueling Dispenser

The hydrogen fueling dispenser is an example of our expertise and capabilities in finding solutions for our customers. Triple Metal was able to replace a costly, tooled, plastic design with a metal solution that exceeded our customer's expectations and performs superbly in its global locations.

Digital Film Reader

The digital film reader head assembly is widely used by the motion picture industry. Triple Metal carries out intricate, small feature machining; select components are hand polished before black anodizing. Tight tolerances are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Surface finish is equally critical for this film editing equipment.

Digital Cinema Projector

The digital cinema projector is a precision laser cut, punched, formed, resistance welded, and tig welded assembly. Our customer depends upon our consistent, high quality workmanship to ensure the tight tolerance fit for their EMI requirements.

Gimbal for Aerial Cameras

This complex assembly is comprised of multiple close-tolerance machined and sheet metal components. The gimbal mounted cameras are widely used in both defence applications and the motion picture industry. They provide stable, high-magnification images immediately transmitted to receiving equipment.

Broadcast Studio Clock

Triple Metal supplies the plastic and metal components to ensure our customer is able to build a first class product. This broadcast studio clock contains a punched, formed and spot-welded steel housing, laser cut aluminum pointers, a machined acrylite front panel, and turned aluminum rotors for the clock movement.

Internet Public Pay Phone

Triple Metal recommended a redesign of the customer's multi-component housing with a simpler version to reduce welding and grinding costs by more than half, prior to supplying this Internet public pay phone.